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Are you ready to dig even deeper with the Trust the Training bible study? Below is a short video to go along with each chapter of the Trust the Training book. Have your books handy to jot down any notes while your watching. 

Remember, there is no one grading your homework at the end. But the more you intentionally dig deeper in the word of God and are open to growing closer to him, the more you will receive from whatever study you participate in. I pray you can use the Trust the Training study as a tool to grow in  your confidence as a woman of the word! 


Who Is God?

Who Am I?

What Makes Me, Me?

Now What?



Righteousness & Justice


Trust the Training



You’re Ready!

31 Day Prayer Challenge

Prayer is our communication line with the Father through the power of Jesus’ name. Just like fruit flourishes when it stays connected to the vine, so do we when our connection with God is strong. The goal over the next 31 days is not to know all of God’s answers or to...

Master Memorizing Scripture

Since I was very little, I have had the super useful ability to memorize lines from movies and T.V. shows. I usually speak in movie quotes and reference back to scenes as though everyone in the world knows what I’m talking about – generally they don’t. Nevertheless, I...

Comparison is a Thief of JOY

Today is Thursday. Thursdays are my husband’s day off. I usually take days like today to write and work on some things that I don’t normally get to with “little helpers”.   I choose the morning to be the most productive because, let’s face it, I’m getting older...

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