God calls us to make disciples of all nations. Some of us feel this calling as senders and some as goers. Whatever your calling, we want to share with you some of the missions we are supporting through Trust the Training so that you can learn of opportunities to support these families that are going to all nations to share the Good News. These missionaries are getting immersed in different people groups, cultures, and lifestyles to intimately know how to love these people and share God’s love. We hope you can join us in loving our missionaries. 

Caleb & Elena in Ireland

Caleb and Elena have been passionately pursuing missions for the majority of their lives. In responding to God’s call, Caleb and Elena have been on an adventurous journey of seeing God’s kingdom being shared in various corners of the world. By their senior year of college, they had been to a variety of different continents like Cambodia, Kenya, Mexico, Haiti, and Sioux Reservations. However, they couldn’t ignore that God was leading them to a place that felt almost unexpected: The Republic of Ireland. 

When they began to discern this call, the research began. They learned about how Jesus was seen as only a figure on a stained-glass window, and to most, the Church being the symbol of abuse, politics, and community violence. They learned that, according to the experts, the European Church is on the brink of extinction. Further, the next generation of young people longs so much to “look like the rest of the world,” and as far away from religious tradition as possible. Yet, the next generation hungers for deep, meaningful community, love, and hope. And because Jesus would be the last place those young people would turn to, they instead turn whatever can numb the pain in their life through drugs, alcohol, and, too often, the appeal of suicide. Upon hearing this, Caleb and Elena felt cut to the heart. If they were to ignore this cry, it would be blatant disobedience. 

Therefore, they are pursuing youth and young adult ministry in Co. Kerry at a church to create a space for the next generation to gain community and ultimately a life-long walk with the Father. By June 2020, they plan to move to Killarney, Ireland to begin this work that God has called them to. However, in order to be able to stay in Ireland, Caleb and Elena are looking for individuals and churches to partner with! If you would be interested in becoming a monthly or annual supporter and to receive updates from Caleb and Elena, please visit https://www.newinternational.org/give/campaign/caleb-elena-elkins

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